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Homemade Sterile Cloth Bandages



Sterile Fabric Bandages

Sterile Fabric Bandages

I’ll never forget watching Meg, Marmee and Jo preparing bandages for wounded soldiers of the Civil War on Little Women. Recently, I decided to try and make some of our own sterile bandages just in case we do not have access to a local hospital or store bought bandages. You never know what may happen in periods of emergencies, plan prudently now while life is peaceful! Here is how I put mine together.

I found clean cotton and linen fabric scraps and tore them into long strips of various widths and lengths. Then I tightly rolled each piece and tied a few rolls together with thin cotton strips. Next pile your rolls onto a cookie pan or baking dish to a reasonable height, you don’t want them falling off the pan. Bake fabric rolls for 2 hours at 200 degrees with a dish of water sitting in the oven. They shouldn’t burn but stay near in case you accidentally put a roll of synthetic fiber in the batch. 

Once cooled, with clean hands, wrap several rolls in plastic wrap or plastic bags. Seal and place bundles into a container or clean coardboard box and seal shut. Keep some in a storage area and some in close reach for emergencies.

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