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Everyday Uses for Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


We use coconut oil for more than cooking at our house. With the naturally occuring anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-candida properties, coconut oil is a good friend in our home.  Remember, coconut oil is not a bad fat, though for years it was given a bad rap. It is full of saturated fats and medium chain fatty acids which are very important for your brain, heart and digestion. See Mary Enig’s A New Look at Coconut Oil for more info on the health benefits of coconut oil. Also see Research on Coconut Oil for info on the negative campaign against coconut oil.

Here are several uses for extra virgin coconut oil:

  • Lotion Coconut oil not only moisturizes your skin, it heals and protects it. When applied topically, coconut oil absorbs into you skin and through your cells, protecting the skin from sun damage and free-radicals formation (which is what ages your skin). It leaves your skin soft, by moisturizing and removing dead skin cells. Many have found relief using it for skin diseases, sores and wounds when applied topically, because of its anti-bacterial nature.
  • Hair Care Use coconut oil to control dandruff  as well as moisturizing your scalp and ends by rubbing through your hair before washing. Every few months I spread it though my hair, put my hair in a braid and allow it to moisturize as I sleep. The next morning wash and style your hair as usual. It works wonders!
  • Lubricant Coconut oil is an awesome lubricant both for squeaky doors and intercourse. Try it, it works great!
  • Yeast Infections The natural anti-bacterial/fungal properties make coconut oil perfect for applying on yeast infections. It is safe for both internal and external use as well as using while pregnant (when most women are prone to yest infections).
  • Candida When taken internally, beginning with a minimal amount and gradually increased, coconut oil helps kill candida. Candida thrive on carbs, so while using coconut oil for killing candida, limiting carbs is ideal. If you suspect you have candida, see a list of Candida Symptoms as well as Bee’s Healing Plan
  • Animals Recently, I just tried using coconut oil for my chickens. I noticed some very watery stools coming from several of our new chickens, I sprinkled a few teaspoons of coconut oil over their feed. That was several days ago, and since then I haven’t seen any fresh watery stools. Coincidence? Not likely with how well coconut oil kills bad bacteria!
  • Teet Rub Instead of dipping my goat’s teats in a store bought solution before milking, I rub coconut oil over her teets as well as my hands. I do make sure to wash her utters first with a rag that has been sterilized under boiling water. My method is: wash with rag, rub with oil, milk with hands. Coconut oil is the perfect thing to use for utters, and breasts for that matter, it moisturizes while it cleans.
  • Toothpaste See: Coconut oil toothpaste recipe
  • Diaper Rash Diaper rash is usually a sign of an allergy either from foods or from a certain diaper brand or soap. However the occasional rash can be treated with coconut oil and then allowing the bum as much access to air as possible.
  • Beard Moisturizer My hubby specifically wanted me to mention how well coconut oil works on softening his beard. It really is nice to touch his beard after using coconut oil…especially for kissing! He usually rubs coconut oil on his beard during his shower or before bed.
  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain See: Eat Fat Loose Fat
  • Hormone Balance See: Thyroid Health and Virgin Coconut Oil

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  • Hi, I just come across your blog browsing on the Internet as I am seeking some material on yeast infections. Looks like a cool site so I bookmarked this site and I will come back tomorrow to have a more detailed read when i have more time. Thank you.

  • Oh good, I’m glad you are finding info on yeast infections. You will love Bee’s website

    I hope you have success conquering any issues related to yeast.


  • sarah

    how much coconut oil per day would one take to help cut down on yeast in the body? Is this a daily thing even when not experiencing yeast infection problems or only while experiencing?
    thanks ;)

  • Well, it is important to use coconut oil daily if you are able, regardless of a present yeast infection. But be mindful to start out with a very small amount, perhaps a 1/2 teaspoon a day and work your way up to desired amount. Coconut oil is so powerful at killing Candida and bacteria so if you consume too much at first you will experience die off reactions. After years of using coconut oil in cooking myself, I don’t really think about how much I’m consuming. I know if I take too much I feel the gag reflex coming. To cut down on yeast you should start with 1/2 teaspoon and work up to about 3 Tablespoons throughout the day. See Bee’s Candida Website for more insight on coconut oil and yeast:

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