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Drinking Sheep vs. Goat Milk


Feeding "Naomi" California Reds

Feeding "Naomi" California Reds


I love sheep, I can’t deny it! I love how much they depend on their master for all their needs. I love their floppy ears and their beautiful “fluff” coats. I love sheep cheese, though I have never tasted their raw milk. It is my dream to have a few sheep for milking (and yes I plan on drinking it ….have you noticed my need for some extra fat?). Since raising my own is not possible today, then I will at least take time to compare sheep’s milk from the more popular goat’s milk, so I’ll be more mindfully prepared for when they roam around the farm. Below is a comparison from Nutrition Data

Sheep Milk (1cup)                                               Goats Milk (1cup)

Fat: 17 g.                                                                     Fat: 10 g.

Carbs: 13 g.                                                                Carbs: 11 g.

Protein: 14.5 g.                                                          Protein: 8.5 g.

Calcium: 47% DV                                                      Calcium: 33% DV

Vitamin A: 7%                                                           Vitamin A: 10%

Vitamin C: 17%                                                          Vitamin C: 5%

Vitamin D: Not listed                                                Vitamin D: 7%

Omega-3 fatty acids: 311 mg                                  Omega-3 fatty acids: 97.6 mg

Omega-6 fatty acids: 443 mg                                  Omega-6 fatty acids: 266 mg

Note: These results were taken from pasteurized milk, raw milk nutrition data will compare differently. See: Which do you Choose?

17 comments to Drinking Sheep vs. Goat Milk

  • Thanks so much for the info. I am currently trying to find raw pastured sheep milk in our new home near Louisville KY. We have tried integrating small amounts into his diet and it seems to be doing great! Thanks, Anne

  • Hi great article thanks for sharing. Producers of Regular Milk Vs. Organic Milk – is there a difference how they treat their cows?

  • Hi, Thought I would speak up as I do have sheep and milk a few of my ewe’s for our own personal use including drinking milk, yogurt and cheese.. just a truly wonderful milk. Good luck on find it, it will be worth it.

  • Roger Federer has yet made another impressive gameplay during the Indian Wells. WIth his serve and volley, forehand and backhand perfectly strike. Nothing is stopping him with his healthy shape.

  • Niki

    I come from Greece and sheep’s milk is extremely popular here. It’s rich in fat and mostly used for making yogurt, cheese and butter. People don’t usually drink it though. They prefer pasteurized and homogenized Holstein cow’s milk and raw milk is prohibited in Greece anyway.

  • Niki

    The vitamin D load of sheep milk is 0.18 g/ 100g against summer cow milk at 0.04 g/ 100g (British Nutritional Foundation)according to this link:

  • Aloha brilliant piece. Who knows shops at California using text message marketing My shop is changing to it & l would like 2 make joint specials with other stores near by. Plz reply 8-)

  • Crown

    Sheep’s milk is quite delicious. It is very, very rich, like heavy cow’s milk cream. Whereas goat’s milk has a strong “taste of the beast”, sheep’s milk doesn’t have a specific “taste” to it. It literally tastes like drinking heavy cream. Also, the color is a beautiful “French vanilla ice cream yellow” – it LOOKS rich and thick, and tastes like it looks.

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  • Hi. I noticed your blog title, “Drinking Sheep vs. Goat Milk

  • Rustyblades

    To Drencefrenunc….I was researching sheep milk, when I came across your blog. I fail to see the connection of marihuana and sheep milk, unless it give u the munchies and makes u drink too much.
    Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against the legalization of marihuana in any manner. I can’t wait until it is legal in Oklahoma. I have numerous ruptured discs in my spine and a lot of joint problems (chronic arthritis). I am in my mid 60’s, and yes I was in Berkley in the 60’s.
    But my friend did u proof read your blog PRIOR to posting? I don’t fault anyone if they are slightly illiterate, or for a misspelled word. But when a sentence or a statement has to be read more than once and is still difficult to determine the meaning, it needs to be edited. This should be by the writer.
    In the controversy of legalizing marihuana, such blogs could give “would-be do-gooders” ammo to use against the legislation. They could say u were another “User” too high to be able to even write an intelligent blog. So next time my friend, please proof read before posting. But if I ami wrong, and only part of your blog got posted,(as sometimes does) then I apologize to you, and shame on whom ever changed your blog.

  • Rustyblades

    Do you see what I talked about? I’m working from my iPhone. As I was preparing to proof read my post, I accidentally hit the submit button. There are mistakes in my post, that I can’t pull back. Have a great day, try some sheep milk, cheese, and butter. I plan on it.

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  • Thanks! I don’t think you’re getting the benefit if they haven’t cooled. That seems to be part of the mechanism that converts the starch. I think one of the experts in the previous RS posts said that reheated fries probably would have it. I’m thinking the restaurant fries might belong in the “occasional cheat” category.

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